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CIDIC offers different services aimed at providing solutions related to the management, handling, transport and storage of gases, as well as fields in which knowledge and background have been generated.

Due to the experience gained throughout the different projects already carried out, CIDIC is the best partner to carry out projects to minimise risk situations and provide optimal solutions for our clients’ needs.

The services offered are mainly related to the engineering, development and production of:

  • Bunkering projects
  • Gas logistics
  • Transport vehicle engineering
  • Green energy generation.


At CIDIC we carry out all types of projects related to gas bunkering. We propose solutions for an optimal, efficient and safe work in the loading of fuel gas to vessels.

Consult our completed projects to see the improvements we have already made in the market.

Gas logistics

From our experienced technical office we develop all kinds of integrated solutions for projects related to the storage, transport and distribution of gases.

Our great capacity for innovation and adaptation allows us to offer tailor-made services to provide solutions to any of our clients’ needs, applied to any country, mode of transport or type of certification required.

Green energy generation

The need for green power generation is a fact of life to ensure a successful energy transition to a sustainable model in several respects.

At CIDIC we contribute our knowledge to promote energy generation projects using gases and other sustainable processes that provide added ecological value.


CIDIC offers services for the design, calculation and reform of vehicles, bodywork or parts thereof.

Our approach and experience allows us to bring sufficient knowledge to each part of the vehicle, allowing us to optimise each system to give the best performance and place the equipment in a competitive position in the market.

Our projects encompass the whole study set, being able to focus on the macro model of the vehicle or micro model of each component, depending on the needs of each case.




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