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About us

Engineered gas solutions

CIDIC is a research, development and innovation engineering company specialising in projects whose main common denominator is liquefied or pressurised gas.

Our main objective is to guarantee safety in the different phases of handling, transport, storage and use for the different gases and to reduce intrinsic risks. Likewise, it is also essential to bear in mind optimisation as the key to success for the implementation of projects with cutting-edge integral solutions that make each project competitive.

CIDIC is made up of a multidisciplinary team of engineers and technicians with a high degree of specialisation and knowledge in the sector.

The diversity of the projects carried out and the motivation for new challenges give the team a versatile and resolute character to successfully face each task, obtaining as a result solutions with great acceptance in the market and even meritorious acknowledgements.

The creation of CIDIC comes at a time when it realises the need in the gas logistics market for improvements in various systems and processes.

The increasing use of liquefied gases in different sectors and for different purposes due to their proven advantages and acceptance by users has led to a need for improvement in related processes.

Always keeping safety as the main factor, the aim is to optimise by looking for solutions to obtain better performance in order to economise the current techniques and to be able to bring the use of these products to more sectors and users.

Another fundamental pillar of CIDIC’s objectives is the creation of systems that ensure an ecological transition and provide energy efficiency solutions through the introduction of clean energy production systems.

CIDIC works with the best possible tool, human value.

Formed by different professionals with extensive knowledge in the sector and different approaches, as well as extensive experience, the CIDIC team develops new products and systems on a daily basis, using the best technology in terms of software and resources.

Another key to success is the creation of synergies with other companies and organisations, as together it is easier to achieve the key to success.


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